2-91 [Attorney’s illegal involvement]: The special unit unlawfully investigated me

The special units of attorney prosecutor were involved in my case from 2011, which actually mentioned as such by the Chinese intelligence. There were three units located in different cities, Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.


At first, the Osaka team collaborated with the police investigation, as the initial official instigation was conducted by them, however the Tokyo team was involved at the end of that year, as there suddenly arose an issue that they were going to investigate me.


This issue should be discussed at some time later, but it was a terrorist case which they claimed I was associated with. That was a wrong information, but more like framed intel than faked. The total lie was built on the framed fact.


Although, this suspicion was gone within a week. In this process, I recognized that the attorney prosecutor did not want to interrogate me as far as I was not prosecutable, whose attitude was distinctive to the police desire.


I am still wondering why they continued their involvement in my case further to believe the police intelligence and CIA, even they were deceived so badly, though they successively searched a case for AIJ fraud case. Its remote interrogation started from January and its direction was concluded when I wrote a memo to them how to proceed this case, as I could help them as a professional how to investigate this financial fraud case.


Thereafter, they had realized I had nothing to do with this case as well, hence they proceeded to the insider trading case, starting in March 2012. That was a big insider case in Japan and almost all the security brokers were inspected for dubious transactions.


These four cases were criminal ones. I was told to be involved in all of them before it became public and the real suspects were arrested when they fully understood I was totally innocent. Although, it was also a time when the next issue arose.


This streak was extreme, as they tried to confine me for the case which I was totally not involved in. This was not an investigation but intimidation to create a false charge, which might have worked as I was severely tortured at the same time. The attorney prosecutor was involved in this whole orchestration.


Their special unit was there in October 2011, though I realized their existence in that December after I recognized the CIA and Chinese intelligence out there. It was originally an intelligence matter rather than the police case, hence I had no idea the attorney prosecutor was involved at that time.


This fact raised another issue that this special unit was involved in the sting operation, which was basically not allowed in Japan. It was an unlawful operation of them so that it was necessary for them to explain why they were involved in this case from the scratch if they would like to prevail the justice.


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