2-49 [Arrest me by any means]: Japanese police was out of mind by any means

Their statement was changed from “planned to arrest me” to “will arrest me by any means” in the next two months, which might be an escalation of the police operation or just a threat to me according to its occasion.


The police officers swore me many times until then, but I had no idea what this “will arrest me by any means” meant, even now. They had already mobilized more than thousand police officers until then, following me in seven regions.


I did not hide during this time, hence they not just monitored me but tortured quite often, and then, they said they would arrest me by any means at that time. They had interrogated the people around me and spent years to find the crime, but there was nothing to go after. However, their answer was to arrest me by any means, which indicated the Japanese police system was out of mind.


At that time, they actually swore me with much longer time and words, but I had no idea why this was legal. I was so furious at that time but kept my mouth shut to endure the threat and humiliation with many public eyes, as I might be easily arrested if fighting against them.


All I can say is that they were wrong by any means. The police cannot arrest a subject just because they do not like. The fundamental concern is whether there is a crime or not.


The torture had been continued for more than a year until then, which the Japanese police was involved with. The spy was the primary to torture me, but the Japanese police intelligence was one of them. It was conducted to force me to accept a false charge, which was the only leeway for them that they could justify their past deed. However, I could have stood still for a long time, and then that was why they directly threatened me to be arrested by any means.


This was an expression of their frustration over their wrongdoing. The real issue is that I am not the only subject of this crazy police mindset by any means.


I have no idea how much these swearing police officers had known of the torture to create a false confession, but they should know its existence. It also means that the false charge has been a common practice so that they could not understand it was not acceptable, legally.


This incident also showed their war against me was shared far-flung in the police department. Their job became to protect their organization, not to protect the country nor to maintain the rule of law. They might have believed deeper in their mind that the police can authoritatively confine anyone if they do not like.


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