2-48 [Catch me usually if they want]: Japanese police have several methodologies to arrest anyone if they want

“The top officials planned to arrest me”, I was told at the restaurant in late 2012, which was one of the tales for an hour long talk. The top officials meant directors of the police department including the director general who managed to confine me in those days.


There are additional points I should make that it was not a direct conversation between me and them, but there were two police officers, the chef and me in that restaurant. They were absolutely police officers as they talked about an arrest and there was no doubt who was the top officials.


However, they avoided a direct confrontation as they could not arrest me because there was no crime. It was basically threat but they could avoid a direct responsibility if claiming their intention was different from what I thought, in a legal term.


If it is confirmed that they set up the meeting like this, their conduct had breached a law. There is a way to confirm this as there is a chef who served for both of us on that day, although they could also threaten him not to leak.


All in all, it is hard to prove but it does not mean there was no such a thing. They are legally obliged to report their misconduct to the government, and if not, it is categorized as a crime. There are two officers, one of those was hired locally and recommended to work for the national police, about the same age as me.


Technically speaking, this guy can be identified easily, as his career is too unique. The other guy has been worked for the local police, though they sounded like in the same class.


Their discussion was so nasty that even they could not speak any more words after mentioning a terrible discrimination. It also implied their discussion was controlled by the text message through the mobile phone.


In any way, the director general wanted to arrest me, even knowing there was no cause. I did not get why they would like to confine me, but at least they had their own reason to do so, not just for supporting the global intelligence community.


That was why they decided to torture me to make a false confession, at the very top of the police department. That became another reason to catch me, and if not, their torture and assassination attempt could be revealed like I have written.


Their intention was also related to the Japanese judicial system that they could detain me if I did not sign any verbal confessions they prepared. I had already told them I could not accept any false charges and fight at the trial, even if they could detain me for years.


In Japan, there have been many people to accept a false confession due to a fear of the long-term detainment. This threat worked quite well to create whatever charges they would like to put eventually. If not signing up, the court has given a permission to the attorney prosecutor to detain a suspect, due to a flight risk and a destruction of evidence. This issue came to be revealed partially due to my case, though the police department still avails this flaw to press a false charge.


The police wanted to detain me to cover up their long-term torture and illegal investigation, but all the issue could be revealed in the court, therefore they could not take that risk as well. Then, they decided to confine without any reasons for a further torture to compel a false confession.


This statement also had another meaning that they tried to show they were still good cops, showing they had no intention to catch me. This was another tactic to shake my head to believe the end would be near, though the reality was more tortures from then on.


Another issue was that they could have arrested many people without any evidence in the past and created a crime later on. Furthermore, the top officials of the police department had not realized their behavior was so illegal that they were not qualified to run the policing.


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