2-50 [Framing]: Several famous methodologies of police framing to create a criminal

During running away, I was extremely cautious not to conduct any petty crimes. After all, it was not a normal running away as there were full of police officers and spies surrounding me all the time. I just escaped from the reality, but I could not be away from anyone physically.


I had already realized they created a crime to suck a subject down, therefore my every move was tried to be 100% coping with the law. I read the criminal law and police law many times during this escape, not to be arrested for the unknown legal matter.


I had made up my mind not to commit a battery, especially. I did not realize an existence of the electromagnetic manipulation but had realized my emotion easily exploding more than usual. I thought it was a result of a stress from the torture and severe watch, but in any way, the battery was an enough reason for them to arrest me, even if whatever minor it was.


That held true to any minor charges, one of which was a theft. There is one famous operation that the police left an expensive item at the noticeable place to me, to instigate its crime. I was not short of cash yet at that time, hence I was not induced to act like that, but there were many occasions to find something like that just in front of me.


I had experienced many honey traps but it did not work basically as they were so scared to near me, as I was assumed to be a bad guy. I luckily understood how it worked and the Japanese police have employed this methodology to frame their subject.


Another common crime was a document forgery, therefore I always used my real name wherever I went. That was one of the reasons I could not hide, but they could not confine me for this crime in this way.


I was extremely cautious of my behavior, but there was a time I was fallen to their minor operation. They prepared a car running around 15miles per hour to create the small congestion in front of me. Then, another operational car drove over this slow car where it was prohibited. There were more cars followed that move and my turn was coming to the next.


When I followed through, the siren was suddenly sounded and my car was asked to stop over to the side. It was absolutely my wrong behavior, but this was a common practice of the police officers to frame a subject. This was apparently not acceptable to the Japanese legal system, but it was nearly impossible to prove that car was asked to run slowly to instigate me.


All I could do at that time was to show my regret and just followed what the police officer would like to proceed. Eventually, there was nothing more than sneering at that time, but I deeply decided not to make any trivial crimes from then on.


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