2-51 [Rogue officers]: The police became more like a YAKUZA

“Do not break into our territory”, I was said by the police officer, when moving to a different region. The Japanese police system had totally lost their true purpose.


I had not been in Japan during the winter time for seven years, hence I had no idea how their winter coat looked like. Although, I realized there were two men harassing me during my whole lunch time behind my back. I was basically accustomed to the gaslighting but it was quite rare to keep intimidated for a long time like that by the same people.


I was eventually so pissed off and decided to confront them directly, turning back to ask them who they were. Surprisingly, they did not answer my question, but still kept their aggression against me. All I recognized was they wore a uniform and one of them were so baffled by the unexpected confrontation.


I had talked to them for several minutes, but I could not get what they really would like to say, therefore I gave up to go out of the restaurant, though I was still wondering why they could not say who they were even wearing a uniform.


Some hours later, I noticed they wore a police winter uniform and confirmed it to go to the police station. They took that gaslighting methodology so apparently as it was hard to confront the police officer directly, if noticed.


Their recognition was right that I tried to behave myself in front of the police uniform, as I would be arrested for the obstruction, if not. This policing measure is basically approved because they play a role to maintain the public security. It is not because they are stupidly smart, where there is definitely a limitation to employing a force.


This incident at the small restaurant indicated the general order was well widespread to the local level. Their chain of command was so intact, but at the same time, their organization was so corrupted.


It is not a duty of the police officer to settle their territory for earning their bills. I was their enemy number one at that time so that I was confronted in that way, but I was not the only victim for their illegal authority.


Their primal target is to secure the life of ordinary people to maintain the rule of law. Its meaning cannot be misinterpreted by the police organization. It is a matter of the democracy how we set the rule.


This sovereignty is held by the people and we should keep the police organization out for their sneak operation to take over this power.


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