2-52 [Electromagnetic operation]: Covertly conducted by the CIA, Japanese intelligence and their assets

I have been tortured, which itself is an unacceptable crime by the Japanese police department, but there has been a fundamental issue at the police intelligence, which is related to their covert operation.


It is a fact in Japan that the police intelligence has conducted an operation to counter the extremist. However, they have actually run a political operation to have an influence on the general Japanese governmental direction.


It means that the police intelligence has had a political motivation, but at the same time, corrupted members of the intelligence have taken over the internal power further to enhance their authority to control the politics.


Their covert operation has been quite successful in employing the electromagnetic manipulation, eventually which had demolished the Japanese system profoundly.


I assumed they had the electromagnetic capability in 1970s, but at least they had the device until 1980s, which was definitely provided by the CIA. However, there might be another path how this device was brought into Japan.


The main extremist in Japan has been left radicals, which was associated with the Soviet Union, which absolutely had the same capability that the CIA possessed. This electromagnetic device might have been provided to them from the USSR in those days.


There were many left extremist subgroups in Japan, but there are still hundred thousands of members in total. The majority of them joined this organization decades ago and their activity is diminishing, but they still try a revolution to take over the sovereignty by power. It sounds silly, but there are a bunch of people still believing it in Japan, which is so different from other countries.


In any way, they might have had an electromagnetic capability back then, though the current technology was progressed by the CIA providing to the Japanese police intelligence. However, it is just given to the specific group inside the intelligence, which apparently follows a rule of the CIA.


This group has hired many members of the left extremist as their asset, which is a common practice to the intelligence organization, not unique to the Japanese one.


However, it is unique that they are basically communists losing a popularity in Japan. Their number of sabotage is declining over time and there is no future for them as there are not enough successors.


This is quite critical to the police intelligence as they have more than thirty thousand officers just to counter this left extremist, basically. It is apparent that their necessity should decline with diminishing revolutionist, which indicates that they need an enemy to fight against to prove they are needed.


Then, they decided to avail the left extremist to create a disturbance, which has been the way to show politicians that the police intelligence is indispensable. That was why they have unleashed some of the extremist assets to shoot rockets or to fire the government building. Or, they even have provided an electromagnetic capability to them.


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