2-53 [For public security]: Japanese police eliminated many individuals out of their narrow common sense

There is a general critical issue in Japan in terms of policing, to hammer in the nail sticking out. They target subjects who would not work for the police intelligence to nail down socially.


Those individuals are basically an edge of the society, who are apparently out of the police reach and their narrow common sense. It is eventually translated into a danger to the public security which they would like to maintain at the level they could accept.


I was actually said by the police officer that all of those individuals went through an “investigation” like this, though more like a persecution. I had known its existence even before they started to torture me, though this methodology was employed against the people who were more socially important.


When I became a target, I had realized all the past social manipulation and abuse were products of the police intelligence which systematically had plotted a persecution to render their subject harmless.


Their operation is so devastating to the society which has been evolved with new ideas created from the edge to the whole society in the end. This process has helped many lives to be improved, though it should be stagnant if hammering all the edge.


On the other hand, the police intelligence can create a society which can be easily controlled by them, if eliminating individuals who do not follow their authority. The change is always an enemy to the authoritarian rulers.


This authoritarian value is also shared by the left extremist who believes every individual is subjected to the socialist bureaucrats. At one point of time, the Japanese police was controlled by these authoritarians, right and left, who had been eliminated many people, which was one of the main force to demolish the Japanese society.


There were many people targeted by them and I could not name all of them, though one of the most abused was Seiji Tsutsumi, a famous entrepreneur in Japan. He was eventually sucked down, but he had been targeted for several decades as he could not have been killed.


His career was an enemy to all the players, the left extremist, its sympathizer, the authoritarian police director and the spy, as he was an ex-communist student leader at the top school, though a son of prominent entrepreneur and speaker of the lower house, to start his own business several years after deported from the communist movement due to a struggle for the political direction.


Reading his book, also famous as a poet, there was a story about sleeping three days after finishing a critical project. This is definitely a result of the electromagnetic wave, as I have experienced the same due to the electromagnetic manipulation. In those days, I thought it was a natural phenomenon, but the wave could put me down in the same manner. That was why I realized it has been an outcome of the electromagnetic manipulation.


I found out how to counter its maneuver, therefore, this incident could not occur anymore, but if not, my situation is still the same as the past, as they still employ the same electromagnetic wave to let me down, occasionally.


Considering these facts, his success was somehow remarkable, even though he was initially supported by his father. I knew it was quite hard to live through from the attack, especially when they had employed an electromagnetic wave.


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