2-54 [Creating an enemy]: Intelligence has manipulated their subject to murderer

The police can only nail down their target when there is a crime, which is the main way to take, though. The assassination is one of other ways, but it is not necessarily successful. Moreover, if it has been failed for multiple times, it becomes much harder as their subjects care for their behavior more than before.


The manipulation is also another methodology to let the original target commit a crime. Even if they failed its operation, they can restrain the life of their targets if achieving a common ground within the police ranking officers that they were enemies to the police organization.


In the modern world, this manipulation can be created by the electromagnetic wave. Looking back my case, there was a time to think about how to attack the Parliament.


Just in case, I had never thought I should attack it, even under this manipulation. This idea was so out of my political philosophy, hence it was thought as one of the ideas to write a novel.


I had several strokes at the same time, small ones though, which is why I am pretty much sure both of them were results of the electromagnetic manipulation.


Their true intention was to let me attack the Parliament for real. However, they could not have changed my political view, hence it just became up to the level of an idea to write the novel. It was more difficult to change this philosophy than just to manipulate daily behavior, which was why they could not create a criminal act at that time.


There are several critical points here, one of which is that not all the individual has a constraint as I have had. I have a master degree in the politics and law at one of the best school in Japan and it is nearly impossible to change my view toward the philosophy and legality, which was created through a study for numerous hours.


However, generally speaking, the personal value can be manipulated to conduct an illegal activity, if not having a stubborn code. In the end, some of them have killed many people through manipulation to believe they did the right thing.


This criminal conduct was charged only to the executor, but this is problematic. If the operative was out of the legal sanction, there is no restriction for the spy to employ the electromagnetic wave to manipulate their targets to commit a crime. Furthermore, this crime eventually created many victims as well.


This radiowave operation was basically conducted by the spy, CIA and the Japanese police intelligence in Japan. When their target successfully committed a crime especially to murder many people, they become more needed to counter those criminals. This structure should have corrupted the whole legal system.


The Japanese police intelligence had me think the same kind of assaults in 2014 as well. I had no intention to attack in both of cases, but the electromagnetic manipulation was forceful in the latter case when I built up my paranoia striking back to the police if this situation would continue for the next couple of years.


I totally recognized I was manipulated in 2014, though the only I could do was to decline an immediate attack. This basically indicates that you should conduct a murder if the manipulator expands your paranoia. Its urge seems created internally even realizing it is not, therefore you might be easily maneuvered if you do not know you can be controlled by the electromagnetic wave.


As written before, there were many murder cases created by the radiowave. I was lucky to avoid the final cause, but my existence proved this threat is real. Furthermore, comparing the case in 2014 to one in 2006, their electromagnetic capability was by far enhanced, which indicates more people are subjects of the manipulated killer by the wave.


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