2-13 [Hacked electronics]: Many home electronics were controlled remotely

The torture and other spy operation had been continued for a long time and I could not go out of my room for the first several weeks from the middle of December in 2011. It was partially because my sleep was so deprived that I always tried not to miss a chance for it in the sofa where I prepared a structure for the sleep.


Furthermore, I had a fear that I should have been killed when going out. I had no idea why I was targeted, but it was a fact and I thought there should be another assassination attempt to kill for sure in the next time.


The torture was conducted when I was home, but the assassination was not that easy as the entry of my room was limited, hence it was not necessarily me to be killed during their murder attempt. Although, they had more options to take, such as using a carbon dioxide gas which was sophisticated to assassinate me without an apparent trace. There were many spy operations other than that at every minute but I always thought how to counter them which were partially succeeded to make them ineffective.


However, the spies were also tireless to try different operations one after another. When I could come to endure a beeping sound, the consumer electronics were suddenly switched on to disturb my nerve. I had no idea how they controlled them, but they knew how to control them remotely. Some of them are still furnished at my current apartment and still controlled, which is countered fully when plugged off all the time.


The signature intelligence operation was striking to cause a sizable damage, but an accumulation of smaller plots steadily deprived my sleep and energy to harm my mental. The TV was suddenly switched on or even PC started to function without any touch, which creates a small stress for each time. DVD disk began to turn around in the midnight just to generate a wooing sound or everything was blacked out all at once. I realized the Chinese intelligence could do anything if they wanted.


At that time, there were Japanese police and special investigators from the attorney prosecutor when the Chinese spies conducted tortures. Although, I misperceived that they just monitored a progress of the torture, and never imagined they conducted it all together.


Then, I assumed this should be ended sooner or later, as this should be an extension of the investigation against me, which was operated by the Japanese law enforcements in Japan and outsourced to Chinese in Hong Kong. The Chinese way was sometimes like this even for the formal investigation and I also assumed they believed I was a spy of the CIA. When every misunderstanding was corrected, they should realize this measure was totally unnecessary and I should be released sooner rather than later. That was the reason why I could endure those tortures to wait for the final day.


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