2-12 [Bugs used as a torture]: Even the CIA admitted the torture sending bugs in the room

I escaped from the death by carbon dioxide, when opening all the window with air-circulation even though I should endure a raw coldness of the winter night. Adding to this, the bugs came to my room from the next day, mosquito, botfly, bee and others which I had not ever seen closely.


Strangely, my apartment was located on the twenty third floor therefore it was basically impossible for them to visit. It did not happen in the past, but they visited every day after that day.


The mosquito was especially harsh to me as I originally lived in the circumstance frequented by the electronic mosquito sound, therefore I could not differentiate the sound whether created by the real mosquito or by the intelligence electronics. But the reality was the mosquito visited my place day by day, biting me multiply at every night.


It was not a phenomenon occurring on the twenty third floor in Hong Kong during the night, but it was just another torture of the spies. The CIA already admitted that they generally employed this methodology as one of the torture toward their subject.


In this circumstance, my nerve was more acute to the beep, as I could not tell what made its sound and looked around the room to find a physical trace of its creature. I spent most of the time with an earphone to avoid those noised, but it was not all the time as I needed a free time from the white noise as well. It was enough time to hear the mosquito sound every night and I was nervous of it after daily bit by them. This nervousness and actual bite deprived me of further sleep.


The most plausible way to avoid this was to close all the window at least during the night, but it might enhance another probability that I should die from a carbon dioxide. I needed to solve this issue as the sleep deprivation might make me insane eventually.


Then, I made a special countermeasure during the night. I fully gave up sleeping in the bed and started to sleep at the couch where I established surrounding partitions. That area was also covered by the futon, which gave me a space to breathe at the same time with screening any bugs out. It was a self-made mosquito net, though I needed to wear another clothes during the night as the futon was incapable to warm me up in this way.


In this way, I could spend most of the night safely even though I was bit multiply sometimes when they intruded from the slight gap. My overresponse against the beeping sound was reduced, which created more time for my sleep. That structure was small but secured, and I had spent my life often there for several months.


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