2-14 [Cyber attack]: Chinese intelligence cyberattacked after a small conflict with the Japanese partner

The Chinese and Japanese authorities ran the joint investigation, but they once had a trouble in front of me. I wrote some notes to the Japanese attorney prosecutor, which was placed where only readable to the Japanese authority. This note was not informed to the Chinese and they got mad at it.


I did not intend its result, but just would like to leave my message evidently. The Chinese asked me what I wrote, which was the reason why I realized there was an internal conflict, but I just left it for their negotiation. I just noticed that there might be an occasion not to share all the information even though jointly operated.


However, the Chinese reaction was more than expected. They cyberattacked to get its information, as the Japanese police had been hesitant to share it for long. I had no clue which was executed by the Chinese intelligence or the people liberation’s army, but they could attack immediately if necessary. My perception was not changed from then to now, but it was a fault of the Japanese attorney prosecutor which did not share a minor information with a counterparty.


I knew later on that the blame should be also shared with the Japanese police, though in any way, their behavior was just wrong. The information was too minor and I had no idea why they treated it like that. The Chinese intelligence tried to assassinate me already and had tortured for a long time with a help of the Japanese law enforcements. They jointly made a mistake to run this joint operation, but the Japanese police tried to cut off the Chinese intelligence and put any responsibilities on them.


This attitude did not work in the global operation. The Japanese police department was controlled by the small number of elites who just believed they could do what they wanted in another country as well. This whole wrong operation was an extension of their ill minds and past criminal activities, which cannot be exported to the outside world.


This cyberattack was minor and the damage was quite limited, but I totally understood all the ranking officers of Japanese police were incapable of conducting an international matter. They just did not know what to do for the best to the country and might create a trouble to seek their organizational and personal interest.


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