2-41 [Ex-police politician]: Various Japanese officers came to see me

It is often the case hard to recognize ranking officers of the police department, even if he was the number two at that time, though there are many people who I can notice without an additional effort to research. I saw a politician, ex-police career, in a different pool on another day.


I have had a bad eyesight and could not have recognized who he was in a long distance, but I noticed a politician coming into the poolside. I was accustomed to seeing greetings of politicians, relatively loud and amiable, which he did at that time. However, it looked like I knew him so that I wore my glasses left on the poolside chair and realized he was an ex-police politician.


In the Japanese system, the director candidate was recruited separately from other police officers. They were basically graduates of the top schools and their circle was quite tight to keep an influence after they retired. In this case, I saw many police officers guarding him to this pool.


He was definitely there to see me and my whereabout was notified by the police department, however I still cannot get it why he needed to see me. If he had told me it was a war, I could have had no doubts why he was there, though it was not the case.


I did not get any hostility, but it might be because I needed more confirmation to recognize what it meant, always. As far as I have known, almost all the ranking officers hated me at that time and the police guard was deployed with him for such a reason, i.e. they assumed I was too dangerous.


In this occasion, I had no idea what he thought. I could guess what he meant to be nowadays, as he mentioned something related to this issue occasionally, though could not confirm until he really speaks what it was.


In any way, there are many people coming near to me, even though they were not related to the investigation and surveillance. He might be one of them to see how I was like as there were many politicians who knew who I was. All I can say is that it was not a coincidence but he intentionally visited me on that day.


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