2-42 [Secret service deployment]: Japanese police intelligence tried to disguise a nature of the operation

I realized there were many ranking police officers coming to see me, but it was a secret service that always surrounded me. They were big in size due to hiring criteria, which was one of the reasons why they were easily spotted. At first, I misunderstood a true nature of their presence as protecting me, though that was one of the reasons why the police deployed them around me.


The cover story was still necessary that I was targeted by the Chinese intelligence, hence they needed someone to guard me, which was one of the easiest ways to explain for the politician why they still needed to monitor me.


In Japan, the vast majority of the secret service belongs to Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, as the VIPs are so concentrated in Tokyo. This unit is structured into the security police, whose division is separated from the police intelligence just in Tokyo.


The security police is a notion of securing the public safety, which consists of the security police and intelligence. The police intelligence has been one of the ruling division of the Japanese police, which can easily deploy the secret service in this structure.


The investigation division is totally separated that it is hard for them to mobilize detectives for my surveillance. All in all, the secret service deployment was a proof that the police intelligence was in charge of the operation against me, which indicated that it was not a criminal case, originally.


I did not realize this fact and its importance, therefore I believed the police investigation should be completed sooner or later, as there was no crime at all. I thought the police investigation division was a lead, followed by the SEC and the special investigation unit of the attorney prosecutor. Once they investigated all the financial transactions I made, I should be free to go in the end.


However, the reality was that the police intelligence was in charge who would like to frame me at whatever it cost. This is a not criminal case against me, but it is their covert operation to hide their organizational crimes, which is why they have still continued until the major issue is revealed.



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