2-43 [Riot squad]: The police intelligence brought them to reveal a true nature of the operation

I had already realized that the police intelligence was involved in the operation, but it was after my going back home that they were actually a lead of this whole act.


The more you encounter police officers, the more capable you can tell them just by a look, as they basically wear an atmosphere as a police. I saw hundreds of them in Tokyo, hence I was able to spot them until I went back home.


I had often drunk a coffee at a donuts shop near my home while reading a book, several times a week, where the police intelligence sat next to me for a watch. It is still quite hard to differentiate which division they work for, even if realizing they are police officers.


Even if you have a difficulty to tell a police, it was not ordinary to see a middle-aged man drinking a coffee in the donuts shop without doing anything. It was nothing less than a surveillance since I was apparently a subject of them. There was another possibility that he was an ex-police working as a private investigator hired by the police department.


You need more profiles actually to get to know the detail of them, but that time, he was a member of the police intelligence. I gazed him to analyze and thought he might be a ranking officer at the local police while he looked old and weak. But, someday, this guy brought two members of the riot squad who are too masculine for me to beat.


It was his mistake driven by the ego, but I totally realized he was an officer at the police intelligence. The riot squad and police intelligence both belong to the security police, which is apparently controlled by the latter. It means the ranking intelligence officer was easy to deploy any members of the squat riot, which was why they were at the donuts shop in the ordinary late morning.


At the same time, he was there to watch me directly ordered by the national intelligence office. He was a ranking officer at the local, but necessary to report to the central organization; I could confirm this whole picture at that time moment.


This realization gave me another look at the whole operation including those in Hong Kong that the Japanese police intelligence was one of the main masterminds, which had also tried to frame me for a long time, as I had been through many incomprehensible events in the past as well.


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