2-44 [Police crime]: I tried to confront the local chief, but failed

I went to confront the local police chief, just once around the start of July 2012. There have been many occasions to talk the police officer, though it was the only time I decided to meet one of the people in charge.


It was unnecessary for me to talk to them, but their torture and illegal operation started to cause lots of issues to my surroundings, which made me directly confront them to halt this crazy torture.


Their operation had been already revealed and they tailed me opaquely, which was not an investigation but a harassment. They also employed many prohibited measures to drive me into a corner, illegally.


They had availed various resources of the police department, therefore I realized the chief of police of my prefecture was in charge, which was the only explanation for this total operation. Their deed became so cruel to attack others than me, which could be stopped just by the local police chief.


I went to their office, but it was closed on Saturday. Although, I told them I would come to their office on this day until the previous night, through their bugs, hence they knew my visit. Therefore, I went to the emergency reception and told them I would like to meet the chief, though they did not understand what it meant.


Half an hour had passed, though there was no way out to set up the meeting. It looked like more than their capacity to understand that there was a guy claiming to be tortured by the police and asking to meet their boss.


I tried to find out the way to meet him as soon as possible, but I could not persuade them plausibly. On the other hand, they had believed I was mentally ill and asked to write down my name and address.


I wrote down my address and, suddenly, one of the police officers recognized a real identity of me, as the police operation was so widespread that they could not hide something wrong was going on, at least internally.


Then, he asked why I was coming over here to ask for a termination of the torture if I was a subject of the police act. This basically meant that he admitted there was a torture against me. Moreover, he implied there was no power to stop it with an authority of the prefecture level.


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