2-40 [This is a war]: The Japanese police declared a war, but incomprehensible to me at that time

Before getting into the story at my home, I would like to mention the issue related to the police. They were so crazy and I knew who made an unforgivable conduct, though apparently there should be more undiscovered problems behind.


I had no idea when they went rogue, but their organizational crime was escalated with a progress of the electromagnetic wave, to the level demolishing the Japanese system and society. I am still wondering how to make this mended, but there are still many ranking officers who were so corrupted. Furthermore, some of the retired officers had a tremendous influence on the police department, which was another problem to eliminate.


All the issue should be legally prosecuted, but I had no power and right so that no idea how this situation will be resolved. I would like to mention some of the issues to show how deeply they have been corrupted and how dangerous they have been to the Japanese democracy.


When I was in Tokyo, I sometimes stayed at the luxury Tower hotel, as assumed this situation should have been ended sooner or later. I decided to stay a week at a cheap hotel and sometimes moved to an expensive in turn.


I often swam at the luxury hotel where there were almost no one during the daytime, though I often saw ranking police officers with their subordinates in that occasion. Then, it became usual that there were just me and police officers in the pool for the next one month.


It was irritating enough to be watched like this, but there was one occasion more than monitored. I saw an assistant director general of the police department there, whose subordinate suddenly said in a loud voice “This is a war”.


There were just three of us and it was apparent that he told me that in an indirect way. Although, I had no idea what the war was about, as I was just there to endure any tortures and unconceivable investigation for months. Moreover, they at least knew there were an assassination attempt and several-month long tortures.


It was not a war, but their wrongdoing, however they said there was a war against something, which was meant to end with my death. My mistake at this time was that I did not confirm who they were immediately. If that was the case, I realized how deeply they were corrupted and how desperately they rendered me harmless. I noticed he was a ranking officer soon, but did not realize how high he ruled. If I knew this fact at this time moment, I should have recognized this was an organizational crime of the whole police department.


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