2-61 [Spy and extremist]: Some Japanese police ranking officers have been sympathizers of radical

Generally speaking, the police intelligence is in charge of a containment of the left extremist in Japan. The intelligence has employed members of the left extremist as their spies, which has been a way to control the terrorist activity. This methodology was successful to reduce the number of terrors.


These spies are managed by the security planning unit of the security police, a division of the police intelligence. They have administered a complete list of the police asset to avoid a multiplication.


This is the official understanding of their relationship but the reality is more complicated than this plain picture. There have been at least several ranking officers who are sympathizers to the left extremist. It looks like they were originally as such, but they went up the ladder to be positioned to manage the whole police department in the end.


They have been radicalized and politicized to become more dangerous than the left extremist as they have controlled a police department not to press a charge against themselves. At the same time, they have been better positioned to run a revolution from the center of Japanese power structure.


Although, the sympathizers were being diminished amongst ranking officers, as there are not enough successors. The majority of them were university students in 1960s and 70s, though this demographic had been already retired. In Japan, the student left movement has been significantly contained until the 1980s, hence the police department had no reason to hire the student sympathizing to the extremist.


The retired officered used to have a sizable impact on the police department, but it was declining as their identities were revealed with their past illegal covert operation, including an assassination.


Having said that, the police intelligence still needs an activity of the left extremist as it has been the best way to show their division must keep their current size. They tactically leave some of the extreme sabotage in practice, which is later contained by them.


The majority of Japanese terrorists believe the socialism or communism, less for other since the AUM cult saline attack. However, the police intelligence has stirred up a threat of the lone wolf terrorist. They really exist, but its significance is not imminent due to the population less radicalized religiously.


On the other hand, I have seriously doubted that some of the mass murder in Japan was manipulated by the electromagnetic wave. Looking at the attacker’s behavior, some of them makes more sense from the manipulative explanation. The brain is sometimes irregularly distorted, but there were many distortions appeared contradictory at the same time, indicating they were created externally.


In the end, the police intelligence is demanded to contain the social unrest. To make the situation worse, this electromagnetic operation was outsourced to the left extremist of their asset. In this way, they can more covertly conduct their illegal mission to disturb the society and can target the people who are obstacles to their ideal.


All in all, this electromagnetic device has been held by the CIA, its asset, the Japanese police intelligence and their asset who are members of the left extremist. They are basically connected and sometimes run the joint operation, but they also independently conduct a mission, which is why we could not crack down who is really responsible when the critical case occurred.


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