2-62 [Japanese intelligence and North Korea]: They were connected through the left extremist

The activity of the left extremist has been diminishing in Japan, and it is quite limited to see their sabotage, still conducted though. On the other hand, their activity becomes invisible as some of them have employed an electromagnetic wave, provided by the police intelligence as they have worked as their spies.


This damage should be investigated and we need to uncover the real relationship of those organizations.


The left extremist in Japan is also supported by the foreign group, especially from the North Korea, as they share the same view, the socialism and communism. When the North Korea was not poor, the left extremist was supported in terms of the money and weapon, which fortifies their bonds.


I assumed the police intelligence started to connect to the North Korea at this extension. To tell the truth, I could not narrow down the possibility yet to the single. There is another way for the police to contact them through General Association of Korean Residents.


This used to be a de facto embassy of North Korea and it also administers their people living in Japan, still populated tens of thousands. The police intelligence definitely hired some of the association members for their spy, which might be a connecting point for those organizations.


Although, if a real identity of this spy is revealed, North Korea is likely to kill this guy, hence this possibility is not deniable, but less likely. On the other hand, the left extremist of police asset can connect those organization and not be prosecuted in the end. That is why it is natural to assume they were in the middle of this relationship at first.


There are many Japanese people abducted in Japan and sent to North Korea, still confined there. Surprisingly, this negotiation has been always conducted by the police ranking officers, as they have been more connected to North Korea.


Moreover, this negotiation is not necessarily conducted to take back the Japanese people from North Korea, as it is partially meant to provide a money to them. I have no idea what the police department will get in return, but the negotiation itself is partially controlled by their own interest rather than the national interest.


I became a subject of their abduction in 2011, though my whereabout was highly likely leaked from the Japanese police intelligence. However, they are still in charge of the negation with North Korea to recover the abductees. My case is not a proved fact that the Japanese police was involved, but they have monitored my every step and if they were normal, North Korean operative was impossible to come close to me.


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