2-60 [Radicalization of police directors]: Political operations conducted to pursue their ideal

The Japanese police intelligence has dominated a domestic espionage intel, even they failed to build their international branch. At the same time, they have possessed the electromagnetic capability to manipulate the Japanese political direction.


This covert group consists of the intelligence officers including retired, though the number of them should be lower than a hundred. It means they could not operate the electromagnetic operation by their own, which is conducted by their subordinated officers.


There is a covert team in the police intelligence to handle their assets, which has had several names, but nowadays it is called as zero, the zeroth squad of the intelligence division. Their mission is to convert the left extremist to their asset and to run the covert operation. In this sense, their job description is basically the same as a CIA field agent.


In the Japanese system, a director candidate is separately recruited from the ordinary police officer, hence this covert team is totally controlled by the certain line of intelligence officers.


This covert team is provided an electromagnetic capability, which means their leading directors are more like CIA assets. Even if not, they are extremely close to the CIA Tokyo branch office. It is the only reason why the electromagnetic wave has been not noticed by the police director general and the prime minister.


The point here is why they ran this covert operation to suck them down in 2000, as their move was too political, which should have been motivated by the political ideal.


Their political goal should have been nearly a socialism, basically sharing the same view with the left extremist in Japan. They tried their revolution to use the electromagnetic wave to manipulate many politicians. The same political view has been still seen amongst the police intelligence division, partially still affected by their retired leaders.


The majority of the left extremist sympathizers have retired already, but their successors have still harshly conducted a sabotage operation to win their power struggle. They are not left tilted, but they are quite authoritarians to follow and pursue the power.


The socialism and authoritarianism are not contradictory each other. The freedom is an enemy of the authoritarian and socialist, but they are in a league of ideologies to follow the rule determined by someone special.


They basically can be teamed up together to control the government, which has been the case for the Japanese intelligence and their left extremist assets. As a matter of fact, some of the intelligence leaders had trusted the extremist more than their subordinates, when it was politicized toward the left. That is why the left extremist has had an electromagnetic capability to run a covert operation along with the intelligence officers.


There are other groups to handle this operation which is the CIA asset, though they are not totally separated to these groups, as these police ranking officers are CIA assets in the end.


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