2-35 [Good cop and bad cop]: Good/Bad system works better than assumed

In those days, I still did not understand how the police was composed organizationally in Japan, but also no understanding on how the police conduct their business. I studied the law and have comprehended how the criminal case is built, but there was no working knowledge how the police executed the legal system in practice.


The system of good cop and bad cop is actually well established for their operation, including intelligence work. It is a system, which has nothing to do with they are good or bad by nature. The bad cop tries a hard interrogation to extract a confession, but even if it is failed, the good cop comes to support a subject to win a trust, which is leveraged to make a confession in other way. It is a matter of technique.


I did not know this system had been used quite often by the police and intelligence organizations. For example, the Chinese intelligence played a bad cop in Hong Kong, which was constrained slightly by the Japanese police, though they were fake.


The truth was a joint operation led by the CIA, all of which were involved in the assassination and torture. During this process, it was just natural that the Chinese spy assumed a bad cop and the Japanese police intelligence played a good cop. Their final goal was to hire me as an asset or to compel a false confession through the system with a severe torture for months.


At the same time, this system was especially required for the operation against me as it was necessary to show their surroundings apparently that there was no joint operation. That was why the Chinese intelligence had conducted a torture for months as a suspicion for the espionage and that was why the Japanese police had continued their investigation pretending an irrelevance to the assassination and torture. That was why the CIA could keep out of the plain sight even if they were a lead of the whole operation.


Furthermore, the Chinese intelligence could have blamed the Japanese police for a deceit and the Japanese could have blamed their counterpart as an excessive action. They could have used this situation as an excuse to continue their illegal operation until hunting me down in the end with an endless torture.


They would like to continue this plot even after my coming back to Japan, which was why they deployed secret service agents around me to show a protection and also left an English newspaper on a door of the upper room at the hotel. The Japanese police would like to keep a status of the good cop, which was still necessary at that time to avoid a conflict against politicians.


This structure was reused later on with the Japanese police intelligence and CIA. They changed their position frequently either of them playing good and the other taking bad, to confuse the real identity of this operation. This turnover was notionally not easy, but they could do better than assumed as they used an electromagnetic wave to manipulate me believing their switching plot.


In the end, this has been the joint operation since the beginning, though I still did not understand how the CIA was related when I was back to Japan, while I came to realize that the Japanese police intelligence had conducted an unconstitutional operation including a torture. They could not keep a good cop anymore, hence the CIA emerged as a good cop for a softer side of this deal.


They did not change this whole picture as far as I was in Hong Kong, but there was no choice for them to make its decision. In my understandings, I determined to go to Tokyo by myself, but I now assume I was electromagnetically manipulated in those days as well.


In this logic, they needed to deport me back to Japan as there might be an international conflict if I had run another personal attempt to cause a cordon, which was ended up with an internal condemnation against the Chinese intelligence. That was why the joint operation was necessary to send me back to Japan and shift their operational tactics.


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