2-36 [Various harassments]: Nearly torture, though accustomed to the hardcore until then

The Japanese police intelligence started from a minor harassment when I was back to Tokyo, beginning with a noise escalated to a beeping. Simultaneously, they initially pretended it was an accident, but it became an opaque harassment day by day, though there was still not yet a severe torture.


It was also up to how we recognize an incident. I had been severely tortured in Hong Kong, hence their initial conduct looked like a harassment, though it was illegal by nature. Moreover, there were Chinese collaborators around me partially to execute a harassment, still disguising a true nature of their intention.


The whole operation yet looked like the Chinese aggression objected by the Japanese police, which in fact was a jointly executed. I was initially manipulated as they wanted, believing the Japanese police was against a torture, but it did not last long. I realized an involvement of the police intelligence within a few weeks after my coming back, though was still not sure how profoundly they ran an illegal covert operation.


One day, I got a call when I was asleep at the hotel, which was hung up with three rings. It was annoying enough, but I noticed it could be used as an evidence, and then, I went to the front to ask who called this.


They said to me that this was an internal call within the hotel and needed a time to confirm it. The next time I went to talk to them, they said several hours was necessary to identify which room it was, so that I told them it was fine but please let me know who it was however it cost. They looked so confused about my assertion and was at a loss.


Suddenly, another woman showed up and claimed it was a morning call from the front but they made a wrong call for a wrong room. Several hours have already passed and that kind of excuse did not make sense anymore, but I had no right to investigate more and could not gain a hard evidence. This harassment was apparently conducted by the authority to make them lie, which should be a police but I could not find out further.


There were many other harassments when I was in Tokyo, such as grabbing my legs during swimming. They could have made an excuse easily, but he was definitely intentional. Their harassment was escalated and orchestrated into the gaslighting eventually. I have understood the Japanese police intelligence often employs this methodology to intimidate their target, and moreover, I was opaquely tailed, monitored, noised and deprived of my sleep.


Although, there was no significant illegal activity until then and it could be categorized as the harassment except a deprivation of the sleep. They once explained to me that they had never tortured a subject in this way, therefore not accustomed how to do it. However, it was a lie as they have conducted many tortures and assassination for decades.


They needed to make an excuse against the politicians who overlooked a progress of this conduct, not to me. If their wrongdoing was revealed, there was a large possibility that their past illegal tortures and assassinations were also uncovered as a result, which was why they tried to behave.


The police intelligence was losing their patience as the operation widens its area, though they still kept this was conducted by the Chinese intelligence to keep their good cop status. That was why they avoided to torture me opaquely.


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