2-34 [Secret service deployment]: Police intelligence was revealed in charge

When I came back to Japan, there were many secret service agents around me. They were easy to be spotted as they wore an earphone at the either side of ears. The secret service was selected from the police officers who were well built with a high rank of marital arts. I talked to them sometimes, but they did not answer even though did not ignore me, which I thought they were there to secure me rather than to monitor.


They were quite close to me all the time, hence I decided to shake off the tail, and then, I realized there were other types of people monitoring me as well. The secret service did not hide so that I could spot easily but those tails were far way to be recognized who they were.


I decided to slip from the tail again, though this time, I would hide at first to bait them coming in front of me. One guy was framed by this trick, who was the police officer without uniform. They have been basically trained not to reveal their identity until the end, hence he also tried to behave nothing happened. He stopped at the vending machine nearby and spent some time to buy a drink slowly.


He should have assumed I would go away, though I thought it was a good opportunity to understand the tail. I checked him from various angles and he was definitely a police officer.


He looked like an elite young officer passing a senior exam, but I was not confident of that, even though I have known many bureaucrats who passed the same one. All I could tell was he was a police officer and this whole surveillance was run by the police intelligence.


I saw him within twenty inches for thirty seconds from head to toe, but he was too policeman to react to it. And it was also unconceivable that someone from crime investigation division could stand it against his subject, even if he had conducted a tail.


To tell the truth, I had had no idea the police intelligence was in charge of my case until then, as I thought this was one of the criminal investigation. That was why I had been thought that this would cease sooner or later as there was no crime originally. However, when they were in charge as I realized, there should have another reason why they bugged and monitored me irregularly, or tailing me like that.


Then, I understood they were in Hong Kong to run an operation against me. I naturally knew what they were capable of, as my father used to be their target as well. That was also why the secret service was deployed as they belonged to the police security bureau, which was composed of the security department including the secret service and the intelligence department.


I fully understood this was not a criminal investigation, though still did not realize well how deeply the CIA was involved in this case.


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