2-73 [Opaque tail]: Apparent tail is an intimidation, not an investigation

I was always tailed even when I was in my hometown, but also accustomed to it as it had been tailed for six months until then. However, the tail was so standing out at my quiet neighborhood so that they decided to set up monitoring cameras or avail some related people to the authority living nearby.


When going into the city center, it became the same as other places that they could follow me easily, though their tail was so obvious all the time. It was not that different from stalking even when tailed by the authority. This mental oppression was aggravated when my neighbors supported them to talk about me when I passed their collaborators’ houses.


These acts were assumed to be a gaslighting, which was not yet categorized as a criminal act, but their overall orchestration might be fallen into its category. Especially when it has an effect of the mental oppression, it is classified as an intimidation.


The tail was always there, but they took a distance at unpopulated areas, as they felt a danger of their own. It was not the case in Hong Kong, where the surveillants stood at every 100 yards.


At one time in Tokyo, there were 20 of secret services wearing an earphone at one side of the ears in the room with me. It was not a tail or secret investigation, but just an intimidation as they were so worried of losing sight on that day again, as I successfully left them on the train.


I was so accustomed to the tail when I was back home, but still, it was not a pleasant company always.


It became my routine to spend a late morning in the donuts shop while reading a book at my hometown. As you can imagine, there were not so many people in the shop during that time zone, though I saw a middle-aged man often there who sat doing nothing but to drink a coffee. It was apparent that he was a monitor from the police department.


I could spot a police officer until then as I saw hundreds of them in the course of their investigation. Moreover, sometimes, I could spot an officer from the intelligence division.


This guy at the donuts shop was actually a local ranking officer of its division, but ,at first, I did not realize in the detail, even though I noticed he was a member of the police department.


He looked weak and obsolete, which I thought at that time, indicating he was one of the rankings. I often gazed him as such, hence he brought his men from the riot squad one day. Their physics were completely different and it was quite less chance for me to win against them over the fight.


Although, I suddenly realized that this ranking officer worked for the intelligence division, as the riot squad was subordinated to them in the local level. This was a time I fully realized that this was not an investigation, but an intelligence operation from the scratch.


That was why their tails were so opaque, as it meant to intimidate me. In the Japanese police system, the tail is included in a secret investigation, though it does not sound like including an opaque tail. That meant the apparent tail is unlawful, but I am not sure how this is applied to the practice.


In this donuts shop, there were other types of surveillants as well, though I had not realized where they belonged to. They were not profiled as a police officer and foreign spy or asset. I thought about their real identity for days and finally grasped that they were private investigators.


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