2-95 [Electromagnetic operation to death]: The financial minister’ suicide was highly likely manipulated by the radiowave

The insider trading investigation for Nomura was concluded on the very next day when the financial minister committed a suicide. This fact was quite meaningful.


The financial minister has had only an authority to conclude any financial inspection, though he could not have decided it on the next day of his suicide. It implied this completion was decided before he died.


It also meant that he would like to finish this crazy investigation from further back, which was the only logical explanation. This cease included my case and other whole investigations that the FSA decided not to collaborate with the police and intelligence in that September 2012.


The issue was why he committed a suicide. I had no chance to read his suicide notes and incapable of clarifying what happened to his mind, though there was a hidden weapon here, which is the electromagnetic wave.


Exactly in the same period, I had spent days with an obsession of the suicide, which was highly likely driven by the radiowave. He was positioned at the other side of me in my case, hence he was also likely a victim of this electromagnetic operation.


There were several types of the suicides triggered by the electromagnetic wave. He left a few suicide notes, hence his death was calculated in his brain logically. He weighed a death was the best option, but this logic did not make sense to others as he was manipulated by the electromagnetic wave.


The electromagnetic operation maneuvered a reason and feeling to skew the logical calculation, which tilted to justify the suicide the best. It is hard to grasp the real causality, where there was a gap between the cause and result, which was explained by the radiowave.


One clear outcome was that the FSA investigation was halted on the very next day when he died. When they were involved in the inspection, any financial companies were oppressed as they were the regulator of the financial industry.


This pressure was actually more than just an investigation of the police intelligence and CIA, as the FSA had a right to stop their business, but the intelligence did not. The spy wanted the financial authority to continue a collaboration for their own agenda.


I believe he would like to complete this case much earlier. When he assumed this position in July, he sounded to support the FSA officers strongly to inspect any financial misconducts, although his tone was down as the time went.


I realized this change concurrently that he knew there was something wrong with this whole case as it was so different from he was briefed at the time when he got this position. I actually sensed that the FSA investigation should have halted without soon.


It meant that he recognized that the police intelligence and CIA were quite wrong in this case and there was no reason for the FSA to team up with them. The police intelligence and CIA should have had an operation to stop this direction, including an electromagnetic manipulation, which was likely a cause of his death.


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