2-23 [Another wiretap attempt]: Chinese wanted to have a construction in my room, many times

There was actually another construction before the road renovation, which was a story in 2010. I could not remember how he came to my room; maybe I was asked to by the building managers or he just visited my room directly. In any way, he said he would like to repair the elevator shaft as there was a crack and water leak on probably from my room.


I did not look at the crack itself, but he showed me a picture of it. He entered into my room and confirmed whether there was a leak or not, then saying he needed a complete construction to check its authenticity.


In the end, I declined it but could not remember why in the detail precisely. It was doubtful to me there was a crack in the elevator shaft, which was created by the shower leak from my bathroom. His assert was not improbable, but his argument was flawed to convince a true nature of the crack. It might be enough just to show me where the crack was as I was accustomed to seeing the elevator shaft with my father who used to work for the elevator company.


Furthermore, it was unconceivable that he needed several weeks to complete it. I was said not to stay at my flat during the construction, therefore, I could not accept it unless it was absolutely necessary, which was why they could not proceed more.


This incident indicated the Chinese intelligence had an operational plan even in 2010, as he was the same plumber to set up bugs and cameras at my apartment. He was the guy to crack my ceiling to drip a liquid chemical, which implied they would like to prepare those one year before they really did.


I have no idea whether he was an agent or collaborator, but at least he was related to the Chinese intelligence. Hong Kong belongs to the mainland China so that it is not surprising there are many collaborators, though this incident enough proved I had been a target of them for a long time.


I could not remember when it was exactly, but it was a story between the summer and autumn in 2010, which was one year before the assassination attempt and following tortures. Although, I could not tell whether this was a result of the joint operation of the global intelligences or the sole Chinese spy operation.


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