2-88-2 [Nomura’s case]: Another hidden agenda to compel them to make a false crime against me

This excessive administrative power was abused quite often at that time. Almost all the major investment banks were investigated in Japan, related to the insider case. It was originally meant to search for my insider case, though the spy had no right to control the whole inspection, which was expanded to other insider cases.


In the end, they failed to compel me to accept a false confession related to the insider case, though there were a plenty of insider trading in Japan, which was problematic for the industry. Therefore, they needed at least one of the sacrifices, which was why Nomura’s CEO was kicked out, even though there was no wrongdoing in terms of the insider trading, but just they were not backed by any governments.


Then, there was another aspect of this case, as the police definitely asked them to create a crime against me. It became more probable when leveraging other crimes to trade with.


If they made a false confession that I was involved in the insider case by any brokers, it became extremely hard for me to prove I was innocent. At least, it was likely to take years to conclude a legal case, which should have demolished my life and reputation.


They have threatened any brokers in this cause, which was escalated to fire the CEO of Nomura. It was apparent even in those days that there was no reason to fire him due to a minor misconduct of their employees. They were just targeted as there was no government supporting them and they were biggest amongst those targets.


I had no idea how deeply the FSA was involved in this operation. Their inspection had played a major role in this whole orchestration, but it does not mean they had realized a true intention of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence.


It is highly likely that they had not noticed there were a plenty of spies even at their inspective targets nor an existence of the electromagnetic manipulation. They had also not recognized this operation was meant to create a false confession of mine, but they just purely proceeded their administrative execution as far as possible.


Although, their conduct was apparently excessive, which suggested that they wrongfully applied the law to Nomura’s case. They eventually admitted there was a flaw in the law, which was revised a few years later from this incident to bury that pitfall.


It required to explain why the FSA was necessary to change the law, but at first, I would like to thank for Nomura that they did not create a false charge against me, even they were harshly threatened and even to lose their CEO at that time.


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