5-35 [Awaji Island slayings] 6: Too naïve to believe the spies are saints

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

Intelligence organizations have been established to affect their targeted countries or organizations, not necessarily their enemies. There is no difference between the anti-personnel and anti-society at this point that they share the same goal to favor their government with their respective operations.


The difference resides in their process; the anti-personnel ops is designed to influence the target through the person, i.e. their infiltrated spies. They can hire some of the insiders as an asset or deploy their agent as an undercover, which is actually the normal picture of the intelligence operation.


On the other hand, the intelligence community affects their targeted countries directly through the anti-society operations. The election intervention is a suitable example which is discussed big league in the US, related to the Russian meddling. However, the reality is that the CIA has conducted these operations all over the world to favor the United States in the end.


This is one type of the anti-society ops and there are many others. For example, the spy can organize the anti-government demonstration. As a matter of fact, this type of activities has to be organized by someone, planned and operated accordingly. The action is not necessarily run by the intelligence agents but the social activist can do the same, while it is also common that the foreign agents support those activities in other countries to favor their own governments.


It has been ordinary outside the US, because the CIA has been the main player for the anti-society ops, though it becomes familiar in the US as well. The social unrest is one of the methodologies as well for the intelligence community to disturb their targets, which including murders.


If the specific target is killed, it is categorized as an assassination, one of the anti-personnel operation. If mass murdered, it is meant to create the social unrest, which is one of the ways to mobilize the people. The intelligence community uses this methodology as an anti-society operation.


It is too naïve to believe that the spy is never involved in any problematic incidents and to believe they just killed bad guys with their trained skill-set, which is apparently transferrable to any circumstances to harm their own countries and people.