5-2 [DC Navy yard shooting] 2: Invisible voices are quite serious in any way as this perpetrator heard


There is a report on the shooter filed by the Newport PD, which is cited at the oversight committee paper as well. This was dated in August 2013, one month before the shooting in the DC Navy yard.


He mentioned that he heard the voices through the walls, ceiling and floors, which followed him even after moving to the new hotel.  Actually, he had requested his company to relocate the room as he would like to get away from the voices and noises, though it did not work that the voices followed him over.

2-32 [Starting from noising in Tokyo]: Japanese police tried to hide their torturing capability at first


This is partially a paranoia and partially real. When I was exposed to this electromagnetic wave at first, I thought it came from far away through the window as there was a lake in front and someone shot the sound with a directional speaker. There is another reason why I thought in this way that I noticed almost all of the speakers on the other side. It was like a telephone conversation to me, but actually, there was no phone at my hand.

3-139 [Invisible voice]: I originally thought it was delivered by the speaker though sounded weird


In his case, he claimed two black male and one black female talking to him, highly likely due to the way they spoke. At the same time, he did not realize who they were. That might be one of the reasons why he assumed it was heard through the walls, floors and ceilings, as the speakers were totally anonymous, assumed to be hidden somewhere near.

His and mine were quite similar as an initial exposure to the electromagnetic wave, though we cannot still deny a possibility that his incident was a result of the hallucination. It cannot be categorized as a paranoia because he heard the voices, though he can hear them inside his brain when hallucinated.


This voice issue was not the only problem he had at that time moment. He mentioned of the vibration that “the individuals are using “some sort of microwave machine” to send vibrations through the ceiling, penetrating his body so he cannot fall asleep”.


This is also one of the outcomes of the electromagnetic wave manipulation or the mental disorder. They sometimes quite resemble each other as the electromagnetic wave affects the brainwave to cause the problem, while the mental disorder malfunctions the brain to cause the problem. We still have two-way possibilities.

3-145 [Delusive struggle]: I was manipulated to make a fight outside the room but they failed


In my understandings, he felt hot or convulsive around the body by this claim which is one of the harms caused by the electromagnetic wave manipulation. This should be the explanation, but let’s look at this incident from the different angle to make it surer.