5-33 [Awaji Island slayings] 4: Hard to identify the real culprit behind the electromagnetic wave

Photo by Tom Sodoge on Unsplash

His assertion was the revenge that he had originally been attacked by the electromagnetic operation and fought back with his perpetrators. As said, he was surely manipulated through the electromagnetic wave and targeted innocent people wrongly as an operative.


This claim was totally discarded in the law court and the other fact was just left that he killed five innocent neighbors. Adding to this, he made a plan for this attack, which made him responsible for his action. This is actually a big theme and will be a critical issue in the near future whether he is responsible for his action or not, when manipulated through the electromagnetic wave, while it was quite wrong to dismiss the case as he was not brainwashed.


The legal reasoning was that there was no device found the victims’ houses, hence they were not operatives, which indicated he was not attacked by the electromagnetic operation. Then, the law court concluded he conducted the murder with a delusion that he was attacked.


It is actually quite hard to find out the real culprit in this case or any other electromagnetic manipulation. For example, I have been targeted by the spies led by the CIA and they are responsible for the electromagnetic operation against me. I am sure of this as I had targeted by them before the electromagnetic technology was overtly used against me. The CIA even asked me to join as one of their spy, which is why I am quite sure who is behind.


If not, my recognition can be wrong. Actually, I have been targeted by them for decades, but it was 9 years ago that I realized they serious hunted me down. Even after this electromagnetic manipulation was apparently conducted against me, I had no idea how to get away. The life had been just miserable for more than a year, just manipulated and brainwashed by them to think how to attack the police headquarter near-by. This is basically the same as other attackers mentioned here.


The operative, then, made me think how to attack, from how to obtain the weapon, to enter the building and how to fight. At this time moment, I fully realized what happened at the DC Navy yard shooting case and Guam murder case, though still manipulated in the same manner.


This explains that it is quite easy for the spies to manipulate their subjects and it is nearly impossible for the subject to point out the real culprit. Therefore it does not mean he was not brainwashed when he attacked wrong people with a wrong reason.