4-26 [Many intelligence failures]: Their continuous failures created another reason to eliminate me

There have been many reasons for the Japanese police intelligence to eliminate me, one of which was a fact that they were highly connected to the left extremist and another was that they supported the runaway of the Aum fugitives, even though they were the most wanted in Japan.


They should have eliminated me to hide these operations as I was a witness of both cases. They tried to frame me I was related to the Aum cult terrors after they manipulated one of the fugitives to turn in as I used to work with him, but it was failed. Moreover, they attempted an assassination at the end of 2011 and continued tortures, which was actually conducted by the Chinese intelligence as I lived in Hong Kong at that time.


All of those failures added another reason to eliminate me.


Their worry was actually right that their operation was revealed in this way that they supported those Aum fugitives at large for more than fifteen years. I can testify at the court that they assisted the escape if the attorney prosecutor were to sue the influential officers at the police intelligence.


This fact also confirmed that my encounter with the hijacker of Japan Red Army, Yasuhiro Shibata, was also a result of the intelligence operation as he lived his life surrounded by the police in those days.


After all, this problem started from their wrong recognition that I should have become a member of the left extremist and their wrong perception of their power that they could have manipulated any one of us with their authoritative power enhanced by the electromagnetic wave technology.


The operation had been escalated for decades in this way, but I had never realized there had been intelligence operations against me until then. There were many operations to instigate me to commit an insider trading or other financial crimes for quite many times, though I did not realize those were results of the intelligence operation.


They had conducted alternately operations to acquire me as an intelligence asset with instigating me a minor crime or to eliminate me socially with a major crime. They also attempted many physical eliminations with several assassination attempts and seizures of the stroke.


However, I had not realized all of them were outcomes of the intelligence mission for decades and I had thought they occurred to me accidently. They believed I should be eliminated at some point, but I was survived contrary to their assumption, which made me more outstanding not to kill any more opaquely, even though they have waited for the chance.


I was apparently an obstruction for them to rule the Japanese politics and society and there was a large possibility that their illegal operations were revealed, actually in this way.


Their worry was precise that there were many intelligence officers fired due to the revelation of their past crimes, though there were many leaders survived, who actually were in charge of the operation to demolish the Japanese society.


They were still threats to our lives and they were necessarily prosecuted through the legal system. We should confront their wrongdoings and it is not any more acceptable to ignore their crimes. Especially, the politician should stand up to confront the intelligence misbehavior which has demolished this world for a long time.