4-52 [Drug operation]: Drug is one of the main items to frame the target as an intelligence asset

I was mainly monitored in London, not a hard target of the framing or assetization, though there was apparently an operation to crack me down with the drug. It was the time when the speed got a popularity and there were many drug dealers to try to sell it or the weed to me.


Having said that, I did not experience that kind of instigation in the first few months when I got there, which was changed to the daily event later on. I was asked to buy it every day, more than 100 times in several months.


The worst case was 12 times an hour that various dealers had spotted me and my friend on the Camden main street at the early Sunday afternoon. I asked him or others that this was normal, but none of them had experienced the same invitation that much.


In those days, I thought I looked like to be addicted to the drug, but the reality was that it was one of the ways to hire foreign nationals as an intelligence asset. I hung out with many people so that there were actually some of them getting high with the weed, and I perfectly realized that it was quite easy to get those illegal drugs.


I was a graduate student of the law department and fully realized an outcome of breaching the law. The drug was a serious crime in some countries that it was not worthwhile to try as its choice was quite irrational.


Looking back from now, there were some individuals who purposely smoked it in front of me, as the whole was a setup of the spy, not the independent activity of each one of them including dealers.


If I had taken a drug, they could have arrested me to ask whether working as an asset of their intelligence agency, the CIA or MI6. I knew some of them becoming an intelligence asset after fallen into the legal issue in this way.


After all, you should accept an offer of the intelligence asset, if you would like to avoid to spend a time in the prison. This is one of the main protocol for the intelligence organization to expand their HUMINT network.