4-72 [CIA technique to confirm the authenticity]: They do not need a concrete evidence

I was asked to watch the movie together at home and he showed us “Black Hawk Down”. There were other people and I was not the only one there, but this was actually one of their antipersonnel operations.


His sell word was that it was enjoyable to watch the movie together with many people and would like to increase that kind of opportunities. It was likely a story in 2002 and I had never doubted this intention.


However, it was actually one time for this movie and I had never been to his house since then. Excluding all the explanatory words, I was invited to watch this movie without any context.


This is the same Korean to bring me to the observatory tower of the Pentagon without any context and asked me of the communism later on that day, which means that this behavior was ordered by the South Korean intelligence.


Actually, there was a hidden context and both cases were connected, but I just did not realize what it meant.


The CIA would like to confirm whether I was a terrorist related to Sep 11 attack and there was no organization to have that incentive. They could have partially verified the authenticity to observe the reaction of mine after watching this movie. The movie subject was a real event happened in Somalia, which the Al Qaeda was actually related to, but its fact was not yet realized to the general public.


If I had been one of the terrorists related to the Al Qaeda, I should have reacted as such and if not, I would not have noticed there was a CIA antipersonnel operation behind the scene. This was a beautiful choice as the CIA operation to confirm whether I was one of the terrorists or not.


As said, I have been on the CIA watch list since born as my father was on the list as a member of the communist party to lead the labor union at the American company. There were definitely two sets of the opinions, one of which was that I was originally an enemy of the US and another was that I was totally unrelated to any of the terrorist activities.


The Japanese police intelligence had no incentive to confirm this as they knew I was not a terrorist and they framed me as such related to many terrorists. It means that the CIA ordered this confirmation to have me watch “Black Hawk Down”.


This was ordered to Korean intelligence to avail the same person who framed me as a terrorist suspect related to the Sep 11 attack. He was influenced by the North Korea, but also the whole South Korean operation was compromised by the North, originally to frame me as the terrorist.


In any way, this is not the only time they tried to confirm whether I was related to the Sep 11 attack.