4-28 [Aum fugitive created by the Japanese police]: There was a reason why the police intelligence left them at large

The Aum fugitives were created and supported by the intelligence covert organization. The Japanese police intelligence definitely found them until early 1996, because the Aum framing against me started from that time, which meant that the covert team found out their whereabout and left them at large likely from the latter half of 1995, half a year later from their running away.


I worked with one of them in 1997-98, which meant that the police could not deny the fact to know his whereabout, as I was severely monitored at that time as well. It was contrarily a proof that the Japanese police intelligence supported his runaway and also he was a subject of the electromagnetic wave operation as well.


There was a big problem why he had not been arrested. In the surface, his runaway was not related to the radicalization of the police intelligence, but the exact same members in the covert team were involved in the case, which was why I was framed to be involved in the Aum terrorist case.


It meant that the Aum fugitives were availed by the intelligence leaders radicalized to become the left extremist sympathizers. There should have been more people framed by their operations and I know some of my friends have been also targeted by them forever even with the same Aum fugitive operation as well.


This operation was one of the most dangerous to me as it was quite hard to deny the framing that I was involved with the Aum terrorist attack, as a matter of fact that I unnoticeably worked with one of the three fugitives long time ago. I could avoid their endless allegation because another friend of mine worked as an attorney prosecutor and was able to confirm I hated the Aum cult before and after their terrorist attack against the Tokyo subway system.


This was quite critical as the police intelligence had lost a way to pursue me with this fake information. The attorney had absolutely decided not to press a charge against me in this case and their continued torture became too extreme again, as they could not condemn me as a terrorist.


Having said that, their other main framing that I was one of the left extremist contacting with the hijacker was still alive. All of them were created by the false information of the Japanese police intelligence, but they controlled an information flow of the politics and media, hence it was quite limited what I could counter all the time.


This was what happened, but there was another facet of this operation that there should be a fundamental reason why the police intelligence kept them at large, even though they had known their whereabouts for seventeen years.


There was a hidden truth of their runway, which also showed a nature of the Japanese police intelligence.