4-74 [CIA called me to confirm Sep 11 attack]: It was kind of an interrogation to know whether I was involved or not

The CIA actually called me directly after the Sep 11 attack. I did not remember it was that day or the next, but they called me suddenly.


As a confirmation of the fact, I got a call from the CIA field agent though I did not realize her true identity when I met her. I noticed her career and behavior was weird, but I thought there were peculiar people in this world to pursue their own distinctive lifestyle.


I noticed she was a CIA officer as I met her asset at the unexpected place. I could not have called her as I encountered her at the weird place, though it was one of the main protocol that I saw many collaborators and assets of the CIA and MI6 at the weird occasion.


I met this CIA field officer in 1999 and often talked to her around that time but never contacted since my leaving from London. However, her asset called me that she would like to talk to me urgently so that I told her my phone number.


Then, I got a call quite immediately and she started to talk about the Sep 11 attack. I was located at 30 miles away so that I said I had no mental impact from the attack, but she said she was at the downtown at that time moment. After the airplane crashed into the building, one of the WTC was collapsed and she ran away from that area.


I cannot confirm whether she was really there, but she sounded real. This fact was quite meaningful as she was not originally stationed in New York as a CIA officer, but she was there on the morning of Sep 11 attack, which implied that she knew the terrorist attack was coming.


I actually asked her why she was in New York but her answer did not make sense. As said, her career was weird and looked like a free person so that she might have decided to work in New York, totally irrelevant to her career history. It actually made sense as she was a CIA field agent and her career was a full of lies with a meaningless career path, though I had not hit upon that idea.


She was so mad at the other side of the phone. Her anger was partially meant to interrogate me to be confirmed whether I knew the attack beforehand, but moreover, she denounced me that I should have known the terrorist act beforehand and it sounded like the outcome was more disastrous than she or the CIA initially expected.


I had no idea why she was angry with me but assumed this terrorist attack had a sizable impact on Americans. As you can imagine, I had an experience to meet the hijacker before and kind of accustomed mentally to the terrorist attack, but I was not able to grasp what she was doing at that time, as I did not realize she was a CIA officer.


I did not write down names of those CIA officer and asset, but many US government officials knew who they were. This field agent should have been interrogated to clarify how many officers knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand and I am pretty much sure that she was involved in many unforgivable operations to the US citizens more than the operation related to this attack.


It might be the policy not to reveal the fact that the CIA knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand, but this judgment was so wrong.