4-70 [Spy fabricated a story to create a terrorist suspect]: They can frame an ordinary people easily with their capability

The police intelligence has targeted me forever, but I had not noticed I was a subject of their operations for a long time. My father told me he was a target so that I knew how they run the operation, but I had no idea that I was also targeted by them as I was totally against the left extremist.


I just thought there were many weird events happened around me, but perceived as an accidental coincidence for a long time. This operation started from pushing me into the left extremist activity, though there was actually a pre-operation that they tried to demolish my life from my childhood.


I overcame their initial operation and attracted their attention to avail me as a left extremist, which was failed many times to escalate further dangerous operations.


There was no alternative for them as they had already used their crown jewel, the hijacker from Japan Red Army to the operation against me, who was just a criminal to me even though he was treated as an idol to the left extremist sympathizers within the police department.


This was actually a trace that the Japanese police intelligence supported an activity of the left extremist and I have been positioned to realize many traces like this. That was why they managed to eliminate me in many ways with setups for the car accident, to make me believe the ghost for the further manipulation, to frame me as a support of the Aum terrorist fugitive and many mores.


I was survived through all the operation and went to the US where the Japanese police intelligence was hard to conduct an operation against me independently.


I had been already on the CIA watch list since born as my father was on the list originally and my understanding is that they would like to hire me as their asset initially. However, the Japanese police intelligence would like to abort it, hence they framed me as a terrorist related to the Sep 11 attack.


Then, the CIA was also positioned to eliminate me if necessary, as my existence was a proof that they also knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand.


This was the overlook until 2001, though it was absolutely not just me to be framed as a terrorist suspect related to Sep 11 attack. As far as I know, there are some of my friends also framed as a terrorist suspect related to the Aum sarin attack and Sep 11 attack. It meant that there were a plenty of people framed by the intelligence organization to be treated as a terrorist with their fabrication.