4-44 [Japanese police cover-up 4]: Their setup with the AUM fugitive was failed as I had another critical witness

They framed me as a terrorist related to the Aum cult case as well, though it was revealed false quite soon as they missed an important fact.


I was actually in Kyoto at that time of the sarin attack against the Tokyo metropolitan system on that day and the very next day as well. I met with many of my friends, one of those was an attorney prosecutor working at Osaka branch just months ago of their allegation at the start of 2012.


The Osaka special investigation unit of them was in charge of my case in those days, hence he was one of their colleagues as well. He witnessed I was not involved in the terrorist case and proved that I hated this Aum cult which had several religious leaders from my school as well.


In any way, the attorney won’t prosecute me as an accessary to the terrorist, hence the police should have given up to pursue this case.


On the contrary, this failure was too critical as this might have led to the fact that the police intelligence actually supported their runaway, which was not blown yet. This revelation might have uncovered their cover-up operation of the shooting case against their director general and another fact that it was executed by the North Korean spy.


These revelations also uncovered the fact that there were sympathizers to the left extremist inside the police department, who were also connected to North Korea which shared the same political ideal.


There was another facet of this revelation that the Japanese general public might have realized that the police intelligence had conducted numerous political manipulation for their sake, which includes many assassinations and killing with many victims.


However, if we had not researched this fact from the reason behind why they left the Aum fugitives at large, their risk could have been minimized to be revealed. I was actually not interested in why the director general Kunimatsu was shot and there were many other technical issues for me to elucidate especially how the brainwave and electromagnetic wave was synchronized to affect the human being.


I noticed the fact in 2016 that the Aum fugitive was created to hide the truth behind this shooting case when I read a book called “The day when the police was shot”. Moreover, it was not my intention to read it, as the operative of the electromagnetic wave was so adamant to make me research this case and I was so bothered to reject that I decided to read one of the books related to this case.


That also meant that there were police officers eager to know the fact behind this case, as they knew their police intelligence claimed the Aum fugitive was a mastermind, but actually, it was not.


I was unique as I witnessed their runaway and I can prove their escape was supported by the police intelligence, which was one of the reasons why they would like to kill me badly. However, they failed many assassination attempts and many sting operations to let me conduct an illegal conduct, which was also revealed in this way.


Their assumption was right that I was a danger to their organization as I am a critical witness of their wrongdoing, but their operations were so wrong, unbelievably.


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