4-45 [Jeopardous covert commanding line in Japanese police]: Some of the police careers were well connected to the extremists

The cover-up operation was conducted by one of the commanding lines in the Japanese police intelligence against the incident that the police director general was shot by North Korea. He was shot down to a coma on 30 March 1995 and assumed his job on 15 June, meaning that it was not a conduct of the whole police organization, as he could have literally commanded all the operation. It was unnecessary for him to cover up the shooting case against himself.


It indicated that one of the intelligence commanding lines independently decided to conceal the fact to protect North Korea. At the same time, this line has availed an electromagnetic operation as they had one of the policemen believing Aum cult to confess that he might have shot the director as a result of the twilight learning.


Furthermore, they condemned this was operated by one of the Aum cult leaders whose runaway was supported and manipulated by the police. Even his turn-in was maneuvered by the police that it was calculated to occur after the statute of limitations was gone for a murder attempt of this shooting case. If he showed up beforehand, the police was required to find out the true perpetrators, whose investigation was highly likely extended to the North Korean connection.


This same line has framed me many times as I was also set up as an accessory to this Aum terrorist attack. They availed this denounced mastermind fugitive to work with me as construction workers and they claimed that I had supported his escape.


In this way, they prepared a trap against me, when something happened to spread a false intel that I was one of the terrorists. As said, he was not the first terrorist I met in my life and there were a bunch of the left extremists infiltrating into my social network who were also assumed to be potential terrorists.


The Aum fugitive operation and the left extremist plots were conducted by the same intelligence team, meaning that they were radicalized to the left extremism. Eventually, this line had controlled the whole intelligence covert organization, zero, named from the zeroth section of the police intelligence.


Initially, they tried to convert me to the left extremist, though failed. I was a son of the communist studying at one of the top school, though I was not tilted to the left at all. Their assumption was just wrong that I would become one of them and they failed this operation badly, as I became a potential witness that the police intelligence was highly involved in the extremist activity.


There were basically two sets of the left extremist supporters inside the police intelligence careers, one of those has needed the extremist to maintain their organization and the other has been a sympathizer to the extremist activity. Both of them had the same goal to find out the successor of the extremist organization, as there were quite a limited number of young generation to believe the Marxism is an answer to Japan.


They thought I was an easy target, but their assumption was completely wrong and became a witness to their operation. They escalated their operation to frame me, though the majority of them did not achieve their initial goal. Contrarily, their failures made me more dangerous for a survival of their organization, as I saw the hijacker and the terrorist involved in the sarin attack as well as many extremists until the middle of the 1990s. There was a risk that all of them were revealed to be conducted by the police intelligence in this way.


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