4-46 [I was poisoned]: I was poisoned highly likely by North Korean spy supported by the Japanese police and Chinese intelligence

I have been a subject of the North Korea operation for decades. There were at least ten of North Korean related individuals involved in the operation against me. I knew the real identities of half of them, though I did not write down them as the issue was too serious. In my understanding, there was no one willingly to support the North Korean covert operation.


There was an incident happened in Xian, China in May 2011 that my hand was swelled almost double on the first day I arrived there. I had no idea what just happened, though it was apparently a problem with an unbearable pain.


In those days, I thought to get sick by eating something poisoned, though I could not hit upon what actually it was. However, the spy operation became apparent from the end of that year that they tried to kill me, which was failed to escalate their tortures against me. At that time, I was convinced that I was directly poisoned by the Chinese intelligence as they were in charge of the torture against me in Hong Kong.


They should have put something into my dinner, which was why I was so suffered later on.


Several years later, I had analyzed each event how it happened as there were numerous operations they conducted against me, and at the same time, I would like to elucidate how each of them was related each other.


Then, I realized that there were other individuals who I contacted on the same day, a couple of hours before I suffered from the poison. They spoke Japanese staying the next door of mine who asked me to borrow a phone as they could not enter the room.


I let them in my room, though they could not communicate with the hotel managers so that I talked to them on behalf. It was more likely that they set up something during my call to the front desk.


One of the possibility was that they put something into my pet bottle water, which was left in the living room while I contacted with them at the phone next to the bed when I could not see one of them staying at the living.


Another possibility was that they put a poison onto the phone itself. I actually talked to the front desk after one of them completely failed to communicate with them, which was a left hand swelled double later on.


There was still a possibility that they put something poisonous into my food, but I could not conclude the single probability. There might be someone who can understand what poison was used to my case and how it happened, though I have no idea as I am not a specialist of the poison.


There was another issue that these old couples were not Japanese at all, but a North Korean spy. Generally speaking, the Japanese police intelligence and the Japanese public security investigation agency does not use a cover of the old couple. On the other hand, it was quite often conducted by the North Korean spy.


I doubted they were the North Korean spy, though there was no proof yet. However, it was apparent that the Chinese spy was not required to conduct this kind of complicated operation. They were definitely involved in this case, but these Japanese speaking couples were prepared by the Japanese government organization or North Korea, both of which really would like to kill me.


There is a way to find out a truth of this event as my location was known from the Japanese police intelligence, even if the operation was conducted by North Korea. Their intelligence capability was quite high, but they could not directly access to my whereabouts without a help of other organizations.


This fact was quite critical as I was a target of the North Korean kidnapping operation around the same time. I was intensively monitored by the Japanese police intelligence in those days, which ignored this kidnapping operation, meaning that they supported I was taken by North Korean. One of the intelligence senior officers in charge at that time was Shoichiro Ishikawa, who is now in charge of the government mission to take back the kidnapped by North Korea. This fact is more terrible than the joke.


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