4-47 [Japanese society under attack 1]: Two sets of rogue groups in the police: Authoritarian and Left sympathizer

There was a line of the intelligence careers who have been demolishing the Japanese society and system inside the police which eventually controlled the covert operational organization called as zero. They took over this command even before their members assumed the director general post.


I assumed I was an early target of them after they fully in charge of the covert operation, highly likely occurred in the middle of 1990s. Their director general was shot in 1995, but its true nature was covered up because their team had already taken over all the covert intelligence operation.


Some of the local police chiefs were selected in relevance with this cover-up operation to leave the Aum fugitive at large, Shigeaki Ishikawa and Katsuharu Ashikari, though their assignment was confirmed by Takahiro Kunimatsu who was the director general shot by North Korea.


It is improbable for him to cover up the shooting against himself so that there should have been an influential ex-executive officer who intervened into their deployment.


This ex-officer was highly likely not radicalized to the left as he was older than the left sympathizers. The majority of the left sympathizers in the police department graduated from the university after the 1960s when the left student movement was peaked.


As said, there were two sets of the groups inside this line of careers, authoritarians and left sympathizers. The majority of old generations were categorized as the authoritarian who just pursued their power without the specific goal.


Both groups have been mixed to compose one line, sharing a capability of the electromagnetic wave operation. This technology was even hidden in the police intelligence, which was why several police leaders were hospitalized around the same time by this functionality, though not realized that their suffering was caused by the electromagnetic wave.


This device was introduced from the CIA and their group exclusively availed this technology, which was one of their main identities.


There was another important character of this line that they shared the pachinko concession with the North Korean government. The police started to take this interest from 1985 when one of their subordinated company was in charge of testing all the machines used for this gambling industry.


That was why the old generation was not one of the left sympathizers but helped North Korea as they were highly involved in terms of the pachinko concession. That was why they supported a plan to leave the Aum fugitive at large to hide a truth of the shooting against the police director general after condemning one of them was a mastermind.


This operation was later utilized by the left sympathizers inside the same line, which was why I was framed to work with one of the fugitives, Makoto Hirata, after they failed many operations to drive me to the Marxist extremist group. They were more involved with North Korea, as they shared the same ideological goal with.


They had conducted many political operations since the middle of the 1990s to demolish the Japanese society and system to idealize their socialist pursuit as a covert revolution with the electromagnetic wave.


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