4-48 [Japanese society under attack 2]: This electromagnetic wave technology was developed by the CIA which has undermined American society in the same manner

I was one of the main subjects of this line of police careers who have been sympathizers to the left extremist activity. They initially targeted me to join the left extremist group as a candidate of their successor, though it was failed to trigger another operation to eliminate me.


The assassination is a technique to kill the subject without a trace of the true intention, hence it is technically difficult not always to yield an expected goal. If the government force would like to eliminate a bad guy, they just kill this individual opaquely if really necessary, indicating that the assassination is unnecessary. However, what they did to me was totally wrong and illegal so that they tried to kill me in covert ways, which was why they failed many times.


They tried many times to kill me physically, but more often to eliminate me socially, meaning they instigated me to commit an illegal conduct. There were many operations as written, including a sting operation of the insider trading, but they failed to frame me, as I had a master degree in the law from one of the top school in Japan, and I fully realized what the outcome was after breaching the law.


That was why they continuously failed their operations, which increased a necessity to eliminate me contrarily. They had alternately conducted their operations to drag me to the leftist group and to assassinate me, otherwise to frame me to conduct an illegal action.


They should have stopped this operation at some point not to blow all the covers in this way, but they had continued till the extreme level, as one of them finally controlled the whole police department after assuming the director general post.


He is Iwao Uruma. It is more problematic that his associates are still influential inside the current government, and also, he had been treated as an important person in Japan until this Japanese version of writing was made public, clearly identifying his identity and wrongdoing.


There might be no other choice to conduct a torture with the electromagnetic wave until I commit a suicide. After all, I am not a man in power but just a victim of their authoritative crime with the only option to write down like this because it is quite hard to make all of the population to notice that we are under the severe danger from this remote control functionality. All the governments are still useless to make this public, even though there have been many people killed under an influence of this technology.


They might say that they have not ordered the majority of operations including killings, but this situation continues as far as they hide this capability as the perpetrators are at large without any arrests.


The problem is that this technology has been monopolized by the intelligence community, which is notionally under the government control, but it has not been controlled by any governments for a long time, especially to conduct many covert operations to manipulate the politics and to kill many people.


In Japan, this technology was controlled by the covert team of the Japanese police intelligence and the CIA. Even some of the leaders had not realized this capability, which was why the majority of them were hospitalized in 2000-01. Moreover, the prime minister, Keizo Obuchi, got a stroke and died, highly likely a result of this technology a few weeks after two of the main five police rankers were hospitalized successively.


I have raised many issues of the Japanese police and their intelligence, but this technology was originally brought from the CIA, which indicated that they had done the same to the people in the US or all over the world. Moreover, I have been on their watch list since born, as I was a son of the union leader at the American company, who was also a communist, the perfect profile of the CIA target since the 1960s.


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