4-49 [Foreign intelligence involvement]: I attracted more attentions due to my survival, which led me to London in 1998

They had continued an operation to frame me one of the Aum cult associates in 1997-98 that I worked with one of the fugitives, Makoto Hirata, though this framing operation started in 1996.


There was another operation around the same time that I met with several parliament members to be, which was an operation guiding me to join the Democratic Party Japan and I have had several proofs of this operation. This was more critical than the operation of the hijacker and the Aum fugitive, as this was the case that they have availed an electromagnetic wave for the political manipulation. This capability was not just used against me, but to take over the Japanese government in the end.


At that time, they failed to convert my political view. I had decided to go to London around the same time and I personally believed it was the only my decision to go there, but I have already realized that I was highly manipulated by the foreign spies as well, implying that there was a large possibility to go there with the manipulation.


As said, I had already been on the watch list of the CIA since born, as my father was a communist and used to be one of the active union leaders at the American company, which was a perfect profile of the enemy of CIA in the 1960s.


This fact implied that the CIA had already known that I was a subject of the Japanese police intelligence operation with the electromagnetic wave capability. I am not sure when they realized it, might be from the scratch or in the middle, but I had a sign of the foreign spy at least in 1996.


In any way, they had an intention to send me oversea for the direct monitor, which was why I went to London, even though I believed I made a decision without any manipulation. This was not the only CIA idea to bring me to London and MI6 had definitely involved in this decision, but it does not make a big difference as they have shared many intel as the Five Eyes members.


The point here was that the Japanese police intelligence had continuously failed many operations, which attracted more attentions for the foreign intelligence. That was why I went to London, eventually in February 1999.


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