4-50 [CIA rationale]: They assumed me as one of the extremists or knew I was framed originally

I went to London as there was a good opportunity that one of my friends was assigned to work there. I asked him to stay at his flat without paying for the study and he accepted it.


At that time, I was a graduate student in Japan and considered to study in the US as the next step. It was necessary for me to brush up my English and I found out a great opportunity for that purpose, just as another accidental coincidence.


There were many manipulations during this course and it is hard to tell which was manipulated and which was not, but in any way, it was not the only my decision to go to London for the study. I am pretty much sure I was maneuvered remotely as I was manipulated to work with one of the three Aum fugitives, the most wanted in Japan, around the same time.


There was another reason why I had a confidence to be maneuvered remotely that there were many spies I met in London. At the beginning, I had been just monitored, even though the spy was originally out there and there was no sign of the assetization. Having said that, I had a plan to stay there for half a year, hence there was no need in a hurry.


The operation was eventually conducted to hire me as an intelligence asset, but there were no hard operations and I had no idea what they had intended to do. Although, their existence suggested that they brought me to London with the full knowledge that I had been severely targeted by the Japanese police intelligence.


There were two possibilities of their recognition, one of which was that they totally realized that I was framed by the Japanese police and the other was that they were also framed that I was one of the dangerous extremist activists in Japan.


In either way, the CIA had an interest and sent me to London for the close monitor, to understand more about who I was.


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