4-51 [Spies in London]: There were many spies around me: some confirmed as CIA officers though basically hard to identify

It had to be the CIA that brought me to London, though there were more agents from the British intelligence, MI5 or MI6. I can name several of them, though it is still hard to confirm as there were always many English citizens around me.


Having said that, there were field officers of the CIA and some of them were confirmed. Their identities were revealed not due to an encounter around this time, but they were related to the critical issue I was framed later on. That is why I am pretty much sure that they were CIA field agents, though I found out their real identities in 2012. It took much time for the revelation as I went there in 1999.


There were many CIA assets, some of those were Japanese sent to infiltrate into my social network. Although, it was not deniable that they were assets of the MI6, not of the CIA, but there was no big difference in terms of the result, as they have basically collaborated as an intelligence member of the Five Eyes to make the best of their intelligence capabilities.


There were agents from other countries and I could confirm the officer from South Korea and France, though I am not sure about any others. There were several spies from several countries, but there was enough probability that they were hired as an asset later on, not sent from their own government.


If I had known that I was surrounded by the spy, I would have observed them more seriously, though I did not analyze that much. I missed a great opportunity to research them as I had its capability as I was a researcher studying at the best graduate school for the political science at that time in Japan.


I noticed that there were many spies around me because they were related to the issue later on. All the issues I had encountered in my life were assumed to be a result of the accidental coincidence for a long time, but I finally realized that I have been framed by the spy for long.


Until here, I wrote many sting operations against me and there were also framings I was related to the criminal, or even more connected to the terrorists, such as the hijacker from Japan Red Army, the most wanted fugitive of the Aum cult and several members of the left extremist. Those events were not random at all, but interrelated each other, as they were set up by the intelligence agencies.


I can name many intelligence officers I met in London but still cannot confirm who was sent from the Japanese police intelligence. I had several probable figures in my mind, but it was difficult to narrow down to the single. In any way, it was quite hard to spot who the spy was, but eventually, I realized there were many spies from various countries.


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