4-11 [Candidate for the extremist]: My profile was suitable as their successor: a part of the reason I have been targeted endlessly

The Japanese police intelligence and the left extremist have run many joint operations to drag me into the Marxist activity.


In Japan, the left extremist activity has been dwindling as the main members are just growing old and their revolution should disappear eventually. It has been necessary to find out their successors, but there are fundamental issues that their activity is not just meaningless but also their ideal is failed to attract their young followers.


This is a general understanding and it is quite hard to find their successors, especially for their next leader to expand their activity. If the possible leader is smart enough, it is quite improbable to believe their failed ideal. However, the activists have been so desperate to find someone, otherwise the left extremist is highly likely eradicated in Japan.


At this point, there is a shared interest between the Japanese police intelligence and the left extremist, as the police intelligence needs an enemy for their survivorship and their main opponent is the left extremist. They definitely need an active left extremist to maintain their budget and headcount, which requires successors to lead the Marxist activity.


That was why I met a hijacker of Japan Red Army. The Japanese police intelligence have also looked for the Marxist successor and I have been one of the best candidates. Furthermore, my family was originally a target of the electromagnetic operation, hence they have availed this technology to manipulate me for a radicalization.


Their essential goal was to hire me as an asset and it should have been achievable if they had succeeded to manipulate me to become one of the members of the Marxist activity.


There was a further issue in this operation as there is a group of people in the police who have looked for the Marxist successors as they were sympathizers to the leftist activity which should be eradicated if there was no significant successor. It basically meant that they were just another left extremist group inside the police department.


This group has been actually composed by the left sympathizer and the authoritarian who eventually got a control over the team to conduct a covert operation in the police intelligence division. That was why they endlessly targeted me with various operations even if they failed to convert me as a left extremist.


This fact was already known to all the member of the Japanese parliament.


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