3-184 [Monitors]: I was surrounded by new monitors

I started to prepare for my new life here, especially for the first few days to buy necessities as the majority of my belongings were sent to the storage and there was no plan sent over here. I did not imagine the CIA and Japanese police intelligence would continue their illegal operation for long.


At the same time, I tried to understand my surroundings that there was no immediate danger, but it was not normal as well. An old man living in front looked at me weirdly so that he knew who I was as the police was likely to give him some intel.


I had no idea of his background, but he seemed not to be manipulated by the false intel of mine, but he understood a nature of the police illegal operation and supported it at the field. Having said that, he was just a part of the gaslighting, not extremely aggressive to me.


There were several other rooms in my apartment which were weirder that my neighbors were likely police officers, not confirmed though. There was a bicycle tagged with an address in Hiroshima where the local police chief was stationed beforehand so that I thought they were intelligence officers subordinated to him in the past.


He basically assumed the chief to crack me down and there was no other reason, so that he could avail the resource within the police intelligence, which was why there were several operatives sent from the different areas. It was better for the organization to deploy the operatives who were familiar with the covert operation, as I was one of the most critical targets to be eliminated for them.


The electromagnetic wave operation had been openly conducted until then and their assassinations and organizational crimes had already been uncovered, so that there was no reason for the intelligence to run the operation covertly.


They were able to conduct it openly against me, but still tried to hide from the majority of locals including the local police officers. It indicated that it was better to deploy the operatives who had been already familiar with the electromagnetic operation and that was why there were many officers sent from the outside.


I had been monitored in this way, but I had not struggled with my neighbors as I knew I was treated in this way beforehand. I would not accept this outcome, but it was basically within the range of my expectation.