4-16 [To cause an accident]: Car crash is one of the main protocol to kill the target

There were several operations in the long past to involve me in the traffic accidents. In my past memory, there was an occasion that my hand moved weirdly just before the crash and I doubted I was maneuvered remotely by the electromagnetic wave but not confirmed. There were also many operations that I could avoid an accident at the last moment and there was one event more confirmed that I was targeted.


It happened in the winter of 1995 when they started a harsh eliminative operation after giving up to drive me to the left extremist activity.


It was a relatively long overpass walled by the concrete, ended up with the right curve back to the normal level. There were two lanes on each side separated by the median and the signal was located a few hundred meter away after the end of the pass.


I had quarreled with my friend in the car and at that exact moment, my car was tailed by another. That car passed over me after a while, though I was so irritated that I took the front again with speeding up.


Although, I still saw that car in my back mirror almost in the same speed and we kept high speed toward the corner. Then, I suddenly saw a traffic jam in front of me as the curve went on. That road had a good visibility but there was a dead spot on that curve as the front was not clear due to the concrete median.


On the other hand, there was no car in the other lane, hence I would have avoided a crash if moving there, but that was not a choice as the other car ran just behind mine in that lane.


The only option was to apply the brake to mitigate an impact of the crash, though my car still ran at the quite high speed and the hard collision was inevitable. At that moment, I saw the other car passed over me from the side and realized there was a chance to move my car to that lane.


Then, I turned the wheel, almost jumping to the next lane, eventually avoiding an accident in five meters.


It turned out that there were police officers standing on the next signal to stop the car to turn right, which was why there was a traffic jam just at the right lane for 500 meters.


That was a technique to cause an accident by the police. My emotion was exploded by the electromagnetic wave, which appeared as a dangerous speed so that it was all my fault if I made a crash.


This operation was quite simple that the police staged a dangerous situation to cause an accident, increased an aggression of the subject and prepared an irritating car. I was totally framed nearly to cause a significant accident, but on the other hand, you can avoid any accidents if you fully understand the police or spy run this kind of operations as you take care of your driving originally.


I have already identified who ordered this operation. He was a chief of the local police, Katsuharu Ashikari, who was different to the different chief I mentioned before, but he was also a sympathizer of the left extremist.


Actually, their eliminative operation was reinforced after he assumed his local chief post, and moreover, he was related to other illegal covert operations as well.