3-197 [Police avoided a confrontation]: They even used an electromagnetic wave to shut my mouth

It was only once that the police visited my place even though I have been monitored severely for years. He told me that he picked up a paper near my room and asked me a question related to it.


There was something written relevant to me in the paper, but I was so perplexed that I did not understand what he meant at all. Although, he wore a uniform so that I could not drove him away nor ignored, but just listened to his talk, which was a new type of the harassment.


There were several probable causes why the police paid a visit to my place and I could not narrow down to the single, but they never came here directly again.


I sent them multiple e-mails with my name and address asking them to stop a torture. They should answer to this e-mail in the next visit so that they could not confront me directly.


If they tell a lie on the next occasion, their deed will become illegal and I will sue them easily, directly for the torture that I have suffered from. As you can imagine, it is quite a critical issue whether the legal system accepts my claim that I have been tortured by the electromagnetic operation, as it is too strenuous to prove. However, if they told a lie directly to me, I will get a starting point to pursue their crime further in the court where their other lies are assumed to be prosecuted.


That is why they should avoid a confrontation with me, while it is not successful for me to protest them directly.


One day, the patrol car was running next to me when the torture was too harsh. The sidewalk was a little away from the main road so that I could not protest of on-going torture, but I realized I could catch up with them in the next signal.


I rode a bicycle in this road quite often and knew how the traffic system worked here, hence I speeded up to irritate them in the next cross. When crossing the road, I intentionally rode it off in front of their car which also turned to my direction.


They reacted to my move and pulled me over to the edge of the cross for an inquiry, but they suddenly reinforced the electromagnetic wave for me not to talk at all nor stand, but just to crouch down at the spot.


I could not do anything at all, but I managed to make them write down their name and date, as a proof what happened out there, which could be used for the future trial.