3-221 [Keep calm]: Spy always tries hard to instigate you to conduct a forbidden behavior

I have managed to find out the way to counter the electromagnetic wave operation and have succeeded canceling out some of them, though I have been a subject of the gaslighting and more direct intimation as well as the everyday torture for long.


I have often fallen down from an unbearable headache as it sometimes becomes too much painful. In the worst case, I have just woken up a few hours a day. It has already passed five years since I became a subject of the torture and three years since the electromagnetic operation opaquely conducted, though there was no sign of their closure.


I have been apparently frustrated with the life like this and the illegal conduct of the governments, but I managed to keep myself calm down. It is no use to be distressed by the issue which I cannot control.


It is surely irritating for me not able to do the thing which used to be no problem in the past as I became assaulted by the electromagnetic wave operation, but it is more important to think how to counter the operation than just being suffered.


For example, I have often crouched down from too much heart pain and I still have no idea how to counter this irradiation, even though I have found many ways to mitigate many types of a headache. Having said that, I can work on the task under this situation after being accustomed to the visceral pains including heartache. Even if my behavior is constrained by the pain, there is something I can do within its range.


My pissed-off against the police does not help me from the pain. There are many operations to irritate me and I have often shouted against them in the outside when I cannot cool down my back of head, but I have managed not to conduct any illegal actions.


After all, the antipersonnel operation is originally meant to hire the subject as an asset or to eliminate this individual, which indicating that one of their goals is to have me assault someone and to contain me as a criminal. It is totally nonsense to follow their expectation with expressing my irritation to the outside.


This holds true to the ordinary gaslighting which has basically conducted for the same purpose so that it is better not to be distressed by their actions. If you are continuously threatened, it is necessary to find out the legal way to cope with, but if it is just a harassment and if it is hard to tell whether intentional or unintentional, you can just ignore it.


I am pretty much sure it is not easy to perceive in that way, but there are many issues which are not solved just by pissed-off.