3-195 [Street gangs deployed]: CIA and Japanese police intelligence sent those gangs for their operation

The street gangs are often mobilized for the gaslighting that I saw many of them at the supermarket nearby. There were several quarrels, but I was once compelled to kneel down as an apology.


There was no necessity to do so, but when I waited for them physically attacking me to fight back as a legal self-defense, they were so hesitant to hit, spending so much time that the shop manager came to the spot and asked me as they wanted. I followed his ask, but later on, I was so angry and decided to frame them, though they were running away.


There have been many street gangs sent over, but there was no physical fight since then, as they have fully realized that I have just waited for a chance of the legal hit. If not, I would have been easily arrested by the police which sent those gangs to blackmail me, ultimately.


I did not know that it was categorized as an extortion when forcing me to kneel down, which was apparently my mistake. If I had known that, I might have known why they were sent to the place through the legal process.


I am accustomed to their presence that they are strolling in the shop without holding a shopping basket, who are easily spotted. I have no idea why they are still sent for the gaslighting to the place in the middle of the paddy fields.


They are basically employed by the private investigators, but both of them are eventually mobilized by the police or CIA.


I have sometimes seen the probable left extremist around. It is not that often but they are definitely involved in the local operation as well. They are also eventually mobilized by the police who provides my move in the detail getting from the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


They are basically more aggressive than the street gang in terms of irritating me as a part of the gaslighting. They understand my behavior more than the street gang and I am definitely their enemy until I die.