3-209 [Classification of the electromagnetic wave manipulation]: Better to know functionalities of the wave

I have been a difficult subject to be manipulated, which is why I am still alive though I have been driven to the verge for many times. It also implies that there are many people easily manipulated by the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


As discussed, the wave can deliver a voice directly to your brain, and if you assume it is a revelation of the divine or devil, you can be brainwashed just by this voice. This is the easiest mode of the manipulation which is actually reinforced by the emotion control also from the radiowave.


When the operatives employ these methodologies effectively, the multiple electromagnetic wave plots should create a criminal with ease, and actually, there were many murders caused by this technology, including many spree killings.


There is another type of the voice heard directly to your brain, which is actually hard to be differentiated from your inner voice. Even if you can recognize the apparent voice is sent from the outside of your brain, it is hard to tell this invisible voice as an external. As a result, you might be manipulated without realization.


Having said that, this invisible voice is heard as one of the internal voices so that you cannot be brainwashed as they want. Your behavior is not necessarily decided by the single internal voice, especially when avoiding an instinctive action, therefore there is an enough chance to go away with the control.


This invisible voice is also delivered concurrently with the emotion control, which reinforces the brainwash against you. It indicates that you can be manipulated in any way, but there are more chances you can avoid the manipulation if you think pros and cons from many perspectives.


It also implies that your simple action is more easily manipulated by the wave. For example, your choice of the dinners is maneuvered with ease; for example they can maneuver you easily to eat an Italian food. The operatives send you a thought to eating it by the wave and your emotion is controlled to accept its idea positively.


There is no problem to eat an Italian food originally, hence you follow its idea naturally, even if it is sent directly to your brain from the outside. I have been often manipulated in this way, even though I have fully realized the electromagnetic wave manipulation, implying it is hard to avoid this operation if you have no idea of this technology.


It is nearly impossible to contain the radiowave manipulation just by the mental strength, and it is hard to live if you are a subject of this operation, 24 hours a day. There should be less than a thousand who have been targeted by the spy intensively like that in the world, but there are more people occasionally controlled by this technology.


The issue is how to avoid this manipulation. As a matter of reality, this technology will be availed wrongly in the future as well, even if this device is prohibited to use. Moreover, it is less likely that this is totally prohibited to use, even if severely restricted, meaning we always have a risk to be controlled by this technology in the future.


In this world, you can protect yourself when you have a legal perspective in your consideration, i.e. to keep the law.


Keeping the law is quite different from doing the right thing, as there are many issues that you believe they are good, but actually categorized as illegal. If you prioritize the legality in this case, you are less likely to be brainwashed to commit a crime.


Having said that, capable operatives should target the issue that you believe it is the right thing to do but illegal. They manage to let you commit a crime as your illegal action leads to your assetization or elimination.